06 September 2010

Let's Eat by Pat Mora, illustrated by Maribel Suarez - Book Review for TWU

Mora, Pat. 2008. LET'S EAT!/ ¡A COMER! Ill. by Maribel Suárez. New York, NY: Harper Collins. ISBN 9780060850388.

A family (Mom, Dad, Grandma, three children and a dog) sit down to dinner. With lots of good food on the table, the main character asks her father if they are rich. Father's reply confirms the girls observation, in ways not relating to food.


Told in both English and Spanish, this simple book is full of colorful pictures that emphasize the text. This would be an excellent book to throw into a storytime, exposing English speakers to Spanish, and treating the Spanish speakers who do not often get to hear a storytime in their own language. The pictures emphasize the text which will aid children in associating the unfamiliar word with its meaning.

Kirkus Reviews: "Kids who know either English or Spanish can be introduced to this book and encouraged to try to learn some words or sentences in the unfamiliar language."

Criticas: " The minimal text is straightforward, and the pleasing … colorful watercolors add to the sweetness of the story. A well-executed … appealing story that is recommended for all libraries with Spanish collections."

For a food/bilingual storytime a good pairing is
Yum! Mmmm! Que Rico! Americas' Sproutings by Pat Mora.

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